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Trailer To Snow for Best Snowmobiling

Weather’s Changed So Make It Your Habit To Trailer To Snow… It’s the new normal to trailer to snow. Nothing’s more useless than a snowmobile without snow. However, for all but a lucky few, gone are the days when we could count on Old Man Winter to deliver good snow conditions everywhere and always. For most of us, the days …

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Meltdown Snowmobile Trail Conditions Riding Tips

Don’t Expect TrailsTo Be Great During a Meltdown… What should you expect during meltdown snowmobile trail conditions? Whether it’s a temporary mid-winter thaw or the first stirrings of an early spring, you’re bound to encounter a snowmobile ride in temperatures warm enough and lasting long enough to start meltdown snowmobile trail conditions. Of course, the severity of the meltdown depends on …

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Haliburton Highlands Ontario Snowmobiling

Get The Scoop On Riding Your Haliburton Snowmobile Tour… Haliburton Highlands Ontario snowmobiling here I come. I’d just completed three week of superb Quebec snowmobiling with great snow conditions. That experience had raised the bar on my trail expectations considerably as we trailered to stage Ontario snowmobiling day rides out of Pinestone Resort in Haliburton Highlands, part of Ontario’s Highlands Tourism …

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Couples Snowmobile Tour Best Tips & Advice

How to Preserve Peace & Harmony on Couples Snowmobile Tour… Recently, I’ve had several snowmobilers ask for advice about doing a couples snowmobile tour. Since my wife has accompanied with me on snowmobile tours for many years and we also do several couples’ getaways each winter when snow conditions are good, I guess I’m experienced enough to offer these tips… Don’t …

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Mauricie Snowmobile Vacation Quebec Tour

Plan Your Long Weekend Mauricie Snowmobile Vacation… As we trailered our Triton Trailers to Quebec for our Mauricie snowmobile vacation, we were hammered by a major snowstorm. For most drivers, this weather event was an ugly disruption, but for our snowmobiling crew, the almost 30-centimetres it dumped is a hallmark of Mauricie Region snow conditions and made for some very memorable snow machine riding. …

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First Aid Realities on Snowmobile Tours

Cold, Hard First Aid Facts About Getting Injured in the Bush…   What are the first aid realities on snowmobile tours? Given the millions of miles North American snowmobilers rack up each winter on their snowmobile vacations, fortunately that snowmobile safety answer is not needed very often. Surprising really, when you think of all that remote riding area, those thousands …

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Saguenay Snowmobile Paradise Quebec

Discover Saguenay Snowmobile Paradise Around Lac-St-Jean… Saguenay Lac-St-Jean is one of my favourite Quebec snowmobiling destinations. Located a two-hour drive north of Quebec City on the four-lane Highway 175, the Saguenay Lac-St-Jean region delivers consistent and reliable early, in season and late snow conditions for a great Quebec snowmobile vacation. So that’s where we trailered when January rain and thaw made trail …

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Finding Towns On Snowmobile Tour

How To Tips and Surefire Clues for Finding Towns… As snowmobile trail systems evolved, clubs made sure they accessed many snowbelt towns because travelling snowmobilers need the same services and amenities as any other tourists. Unfortunately, many of these towns still haven’t realized or capitalized on the winter bonanza that visiting riders bring to snowmobile friendly communities in the dead of …

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Finding Snowmobile Friendly Accommodations

Practical Tips for Choosing Best Lodgings For Snowmobile Tours… Begin your snowmobile tour planning by defining your budget and the kind of accommodation: full service resort, chain hotel, mom & pop motel, lodge with cottages, outfitter cabin or bed and breakfast? How many will be in your group for your snowmobile tour and how many beds do you need? Some …

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Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts On Snowmobile Tours

Follow Snowmobile Trails to Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts… Why not tart up your Ontario snowmobile tour? There are many good reasons to go snowmobiling and one of them is discovering Ontario’s best, trail accessible butter tarts. This is a worthy, if never-ending mission that many snowmobilers take as seriously as what brand of sled they ride and where to find great snow …

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Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Lanaudière

How To Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Quebec… Snowmobiling is always hailed as a “family” activity, so between Christmas and New Year’s, I decided to snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Lanaudière, for a Quebec snowmobile vacation with seventeen friends and their offspring. Our Quebec snowmobile tour plan involved trailering to the Lanaudière region on for several days of riding, trying out new snowmachines & gear, and to celebrate New Year’s …

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New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions

Will My New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions Help You This Winter… It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to make New Year’s resolutions to break. I’ve made and broken my share over the years. I figure many resolutions fail mainly because they’re typically about trying to force myself to do things I really don’t want to do. Thing like taking up rock climbing, …

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