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How To Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Quebec…

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon

Auberge le Cabanon photo © by Craig Nicholson

Snowmobiling is always hailed as a “family” activity. So between Christmas and New Year’s, I decided to snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Lanaudière, for a Quebec snowmobiling vacation with seventeen friends and their offspring. Our Quebec snowmobile tour plan involved trailering to the Lanaudière region for several days of riding. We would also try out new snow machines & gear and celebrate New Year’s Eve in La Belle Province. Keeping our family theme in mind, we didn’t plan on doing long hours or long rides. Ours was a much more casual, take it as it comes approach than most of us were used to. But perfectly suiting to having a laid back, no pressure winter getaway that would be enjoyable for all ages in our party.

Cabanon Is Excellent Choice

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon We chose Lanaudière for our Quebec snowmobile tour for its myriad of trails and trail loops. These gave us many different distance options for our day rides. Lanaudière also has a good variety of pit stops to warm up and grab a hot chocolate. But best of all, thanks to its high elevation, Lanaudière typically gets good snow conditions before Christmas. And unlike many other snowmobile tour destinations, trail conditions are normally decent during the holidays.

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Lanaudière also has several good choices for staging hotels. For this trip, we wanted a place that was central to many different trails. We also wanted them well groomed to ensure everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Moreover, our lodging choice had to have an indoor pool and hot tub for the kids to enjoy (who am I kidding – we all wanted this!) Nice rooms, meals, fuel onsite and secure sled parking were also prerequisites. Sound like a tall order? No worries, we found everything we needed and more for our Quebec snowmobile tour at Auberge le Cabanon near Saint-Zenon.

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Hospitality

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Auberge le Cabanon has long been a snowmobile’s haven. It typically caters to snowmobilers looking to rack on the miles through the Laurentian Mountains and environs. I’ve been there myself to do just that many other times. But Auberge le Cabanon is also a great place for family snowmobiling. One of its best attributes is family owners Denis and Isobel. They go out of their way to make guests feel welcome (starting with the family pets lying around the front lobby) and scrumptious meals.

Snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon Denis is also the regional club groomer coordinator. He has several grooming machines based at Cabanon that groom every night of the week. This means that whatever direction you choose to ride each morning, the trail is tabletop smooth. For our visit, this was a huge bonus. It gave us top-notch riding – probably the best trail conditions anywhere in the southern parts of either Quebec or Ontario at that time! In fact, our December 31 final ride of the year took place on 270 kilometres of seamlessly smooth trails. It was not only the best of the past year, but was also very tough to surpass in the new one!

Family Riding At Cabanon

Our snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon group was in holiday mode. So we ate breakfast around 8:00 AM and usually managed to get everyone dressed and ready to ride by about 10:00 or so. We’d head out to rest stops like Relais Koubek, Auberge La Glacière or Pouvoirie Réal Massé for lunch. Then  snowmobile auberge le cabanonwe’d wind our way back to Cabanon for the pool, hot tub and games room before dinner. And if the kids want to try something different one day, there’s snow tubing near Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie.

All in all, everyone agreed our visit to Lanaudière was just what we wanted. So the next time you’re looking for a Quebec snowmobile tour winter getaway for the whole family, why not give Lanaudière and snowmobile Auberge le Cabanon a try? Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more great Quebec snowmobile tours destinations, check out the rest of my Quebec tour. Or for more on sledding in Lanaudière, see my previous ride article.

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