Snowmobile Emergency Gear

Always Carry Snowmobile Emergency Gear

Always Carry Snowmobile Emergency Gear

Trail riding can quickly carry you far away from the nearest assistance, so each rider and group of riding buddies should carry snowmobile emergency gear. Some of it is personal gear that each rider can carry, while other gear can be distributed among riding buddies to avoid unnecessary duplication or carrying too much weight. For group distribution to work, it is essential that you and your riding buddies establish a ride protocol where every rider is responsible for the rider behind to prevent anyone becoming lost or left behind.

Here are some suggested items to carry with you while snowmobiling. Depending on your riding situation, it’s your decision what to carry with you and which ones should be carried personally or within your group.

Suggested Personal Snowmobile Emergency Gear

  • Personal first aid kit
  • Cell phone
  • Personal meds
  • ID/medical info
  • Sun block/pain tablets/toilet paper
  • Work gloves & toque
  • Leatherman
  • Map/compass with mirror/signal whistle/flashlight
  • Extra clothing/survival blanket/chemical warmers
  • Energy snacks/dry soup packets/metal cup
  • Duct tape

Suggested Group Snowmobile Emergency Gear

  • GPS/SPOT unit or satellite phone
  • Saw/hatchet
  • Fire starter & tinder
  • Emergency candles and flares
  • Twine & tarp
  • Folding shovel
  • Survival instruction booklet

Suggested Personal Breakdown Kit

  • Manufacturers tool kit
  • Sled manual
  • Nuts and bolts to fit sled
  • Spare belt/spark plugs to fit sled
  • Extra ignition key or DESS cap

Suggested Group Breakdown Kit

  • Tow rope/pry bar/mini propane torch
  • Extra wrenches
  • Zip ties/wire/hose clamps
  • Extra coolant
  • Extra gas & oil

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