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Discover Summer Sledding By Touring On Sea Doo Watercraft…

summer sledding

Photo ©2016 by Martin Lortz


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When I squeeze the throttle to go summer sledding, my Sea-Doo GTX S 155 watercraft powers up like a thoroughbred bursting from the starting gate. I cut my trail across a table top-smooth surface and accelerate to cruising speed; the exhilaration grows with the thrill of the ride. I lean into the next turn and my jet ski corners like it’s on rails. The wind whips through my hair, the sunlight sparkles like a thousand diamonds on the water, and I’m off on another Sea-Doo tour…what a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a snowmobiling post?

Summer Sledding on Sea-Doo Watercraft

summer sledding

Photo ©2016 by Martin Lortz

In a way it is. Touring on our Sea-Doo watercraft is how my wife and I survive when there’s no snowmobiling. We’d go stir crazy without a power sports activity in our life every summer, and today, there are several good options like motorcycling, ATVing, PWC riding. But if you live for snowmobiling as we do, I recommend Sea-Doo touring. All the info you need to know can be found on my Intrepid Cottager website. Our “summer sledding” keeps us sane, active and hones our riding chops for the coming winter — and in my opinion, it’s the next best thing to being on the snow (After all, much of that water used to be snow!)

Try Summer Sledding with Sea Doo Touring

For some unknown reason, PWC manufacturers, several of whom are also big in snowmobiles, don’t promote PWC touring. I think they’re missing the boat, so to speak. The similarities between snowmobiling and PWC riding are many, not least their shared and amazing ability to easily traverse natural surfaces like snow and water respectively. Or to take me places I wouldn’t otherwise go. Or to give me the freedom to escape whenever I want. But that’s not all…

summer sledding

Photo ©2017 by Craig Nicholson

Just like with snowmobiling, we keep our Sea-Doo watercraft on a Triton double bed trailer and travel to explore a different destination each day using the same tow vehicle we bought for snowmobiling. We also have specialized riding gear for cool weather, and to protect from the wind and sun as needed. If winter is synonymous with snow, then water is what summer’s all about, and our Sea-Doo’s allow us to take full advantage of every fabulous moment.

As with snowmobiling, there are lots of “trails” in the form of navigable, interconnected waterways that are marked and charted. Most have public staging areas with boat launches and free parking, and numerous marinas also provide launches for a small fee. “Trailside” services include marinas, plus restaurants and resorts, some of which have docking facilities for staying overnight. Sound familiar so far?

Summer Sledding to Water Destinations by Sea Doo

summer sledding

Photo ©2016 by Allan Glanfield

On our Sea-Doo watercraft, we do destination touring same as on our Ski-Doo snowmobiles in the winter. None of this doing donuts out front of the cottage nonsense – we are serious riders, regularly racking up 150-kilometre days and 3,000-kilometre plus summers. Every jet ski riding experience is a new adventure. We meet all kinds of interesting people on the water, in the locks and at waterside pit stops, many of them also snowmobilers, anxiously a-waiting winter.

Features and Benefits of Sea Doo Watercraft

Our Sea-Doo watercraft are touring models, 3-seaters built for comfortable long distance cruising. For a snowmobiler, riding watercraft is very intuitive. The throttle is on the right side of the handlebar and the brake lever on the left. That’s right, I said brake — Sea-Doo are the best vessels on the water with braking capability, so I work the throttle and brake in concert while riding same as on my sled – my Sea Doo even has reverse!

The steering and seating positions are similar, and so is the leaning into corners and using body English to manoeuvre. The power surge of the big 4-stroke engine delivers thrills I would otherwise miss between winters. So does cruising along for hours at trail-touring speed. Even that end of the day, good-tired feeling after watercrafting reminds me of snowmobiling, and so does that relaxing sauna back at my cottage!

summer sledding

Photo ©2016 by Allan Glanfiled

With Sea-Dooing, there are even moguls to make me feel right at home, although in the summer they’re called waves. But our high tech Sea-Doo S3 hulls and their “long track” footprint cut through the waves like butter. Variable Trim also helps, and my GTX S 155 watetcraft even have suspension for the smoothest ride ever! Nevertheless, we check the weather carefully to avoid touring on rainy or exceptionally windy days. And just like during winter, I’m on weather forecasting sites almost daily.

In many ways, I enjoy riding our Sea-Doo watercraft as much as our Ski-Doo sleds. Our touring watercraft have more built in storage space than our snowmobiles. They have tilt steering, cushy seats, cruise control, and offer good information on the very legible gauge cluster. Reverse mode operates from the brake lever, without having to push another button or pull a lever, as with most sleds. And Sea Doo watercraft pioneered the electronic, wireless throttle (iTC – Intelligent Throttle Control) that can now be found on Ski Doo snowmobiles. It delivers quicker, instant response. Our Sea-Doo’s never get stuck and water is our friend — we’re only a jump away from a refreshing dip.

If you love being outdoors and active, seeing great scenery, exploring new places, enjoying camaraderie and the thrill of the ride, you should give Sea-Doo touring a try. Heck, we even use the same BRP dealer, Gateway Powersports & Marine in Peterborough, for our Sea-Doo needs, so we also enjoy the benefits of the good and familiar relationship we’ve established as Ski-Doo customers. We ride from May to October, putting them away just in time for the fall snowmobile shows and dealer open houses. As I said, it ain’t snowmobiling, but our summer sledding is what keeps us sane between winters!

Find out more about Sea-Doo touring at my Intrepid Cottager website!

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