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Ontario Snowmobile Restaurants On The Trail

Where are the best Ontario snowmobile restaurants on Ontario snowmobile trails? It’s indisputable that snowmobilers love to eat, especially on their Ontario snowmobile tours and when Ontario snow conditions are good. In fact, cravings for sustenance motivate many an Ontario ride being planned around a favourite lunch stop, what I call a “destination eatery”. These popular eateries have …

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Quebec Snowmobile Tour Destination Favourites

It’s a real challenge to choose the best Quebec snowmobile tour destination favourites. After all, I’ve enjoyed most every ride in La Belle Province. But many snowmobilers thinking of visiting Quebec for the first time ask me for a recommendation. So here goes… These are five of my Quebec snowmobile tour destination favourites, listed in alphabetical order. Yeah, …

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Thinking Like Pros Trail Riding Tips

Thinking like pros can save lives. It can prevent serious injury and permanent disability. Thinking like pros involves using advanced trail-riding techniques to avoid those “oh-shit!” moments we’ve all encountered. For the purposes of this post, I’m assuming you’ve already got the riding basics covered. So I’m going to look at real life trail challenges and offer real …

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Ontario Snowmobile Tour Destinations Top 5

So what are the most popular Ontario snowmobile tour destinations? From years of snowmobiling, I’ve found my own favourites. But I also wanted to touch base with other snowmobilers for their opinions. So I recently posed the question on my Facebook page as part of my weekly “Have Your Say Mondays” poll. Snowmobilers are always more than willing …

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New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to make New Year’s snowmobiling resolutions to break. I’ve made and broken my share over the years. I figure many resolutions fail mainly because they’re typically about trying to force myself to do things I really don’t want to do. Thing like taking up rock climbing, stopping ice cream or …

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Satellite Phone Globalstar Product Review

A Spot Globalstar Phone is the best snowmobile satellite phone for your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation. I was on tour when a sled broke down on a trail with no cell service. Before we made a beeline for the nearest dealer, I called ahead on my handheld Spot Globalstar Phone to request service. This helped avoid a layover that would lose …

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Choose Best Trail Riding Snowmobile Windshield

Riding with the right snowmobile windshield can make or break your snowmobile tour. But choosing one isn’t as simple as you might think. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a snowmobile windshield for trail riding… The very name defines its purpose. A “windshield” is there to protect you from fast moving air, right? So why is it …

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Barry’s Bay Ontario Snowmobiling

In recent winters, the Snow Country Snowmobile Association has more than lived up to its name in Ontario snowmobiling. If Southern Ontario has one reliable destination for good snow conditions and trails all winter, this is it. It’s part of the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Region. No wonder snowmobilers have been flocking to this popular area for their Ontario …

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Tips For Snowmobiling Double With A Passenger

Whether you call it snowmobiling double, riding with a passenger or 2-up sledding, you’re referring to carrying two people on one snow machine. I’m talking about passengers 12 years or older here, because snowmobiling double with younger kids is different – and more important – from any other kind of riding you’ll do…  My first tip for snowmobiling double …

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Algoma North Shore Loop Snowmobile Tour

Been there, done that in Ontario’s north? For many of us, that means our habit is to trailer a beeline straight up the Highway 11 corridor to destinations much farther north. But maybe it’s time to consider something that’s closer for Ontario snowmobile tours – like snowmobiling the Algoma North Shore Loop. By way of introduction, Algoma Country …

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Snowmobile Tour Preparation Tips You Can Do

I’m providing these snowmobile tour preparation tips and snowmobile video. Why? Because everyone should be getting prepared to ride as the fall snowmobile magazines arrive or if snow conditions are ready early. Not scrambling at the last minute. This way, if you discover anything major that needs attention, you’ll have time to rectify it before the snow flies. Remember, everything’s been …

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