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Reduce Snowmobiling Risks By Taking Precautions

What’s the point of trying to reduce snowmobiling risks? No matter how you ride, snowmobiling poses certain inherent threats. Why? Because it occurs in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting far away from civilization and emergency assistance. That said, 99.9% of snowmobilers return home safely after each ride. No matter what your riding style, ensure you continue to be …

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Fine Tuning New Snowmobiles

Many variables can affect your enjoyment of snowmobiling. You can’t do much about snow or trail conditions. But you can ensure that your sled is delivering the most enjoyable ride possible from the get-go with these tips for fine tuning new snowmobiles. Your enjoyable ride starts with a brand new or new-to-you snowmobile that best suits your physicality, experience …

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Buy Used Snowmobiles Shopping Tips

Are you in the market to upgrade your older sled? Are you looking for your first snowmobile? Or do you need another sled for your growing family? Whatever the case, finding an affordable, reliable snow machine that’s good value with no nasty (and costly) surprises would be ideal… I don’t pretend to be a snow machine mechanic. But here …

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Buying The Right Snowmobile For You

What’s the right snowmobile for you – that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? When we acquire a new automobile, most of our decisions are made before purchase – make, model, options, etc. Then we pretty much drive away from the dealership without much (if any) further thought about how it might perform or handle better. Basically, we live with what we’ve …

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Shopping Tips For Snowmobile Trailers

There are many considerations for how to buy snowmobile trailers for your snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacation. In recent years, our search for snow has altered the travel patterns of snowmobilers substantially. For many, the days are gone of being able to ride from their backyards. Instead, buying snowmobile trailers and trailering for hours to reach good snow has become …

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Snowmobile Clothing & Snowmobile Gear Tips

Snowmobile clothing and snowmobiling gear can make or break your snowmobile tour fun. They can even affect snowmobile safety on a snow machine. The snowmobile magazines display an overwhelming variety of clothing brands. Many models and features exist in jackets, pants, helmets, boots, gloves and under layers. They all claim to be good for any kind of snow conditions, snowmobile tours …

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Elka High-Performance Stage 4 Front Shocks

Sick of humped out corners bouncing you around? Fed up by trail moguls battering your bones? Tired of sore muscles from battling your sled all day? Maybe you need to take a serious look at your suspension. That’s how I achieved a smoother ride, starting with my front shocks… Suspension can make or break your ride. It’s something mysterious …

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Popular Ontario Snowmobile Clubhouses

Have you visited any of these Ontario snowmobile clubhouses? Since the first volunteers dragged an old bedspring over the snow to make it smoother to ride on, snowmobile clubs have been the backbone of organized snowmobiling in Ontario. Clubs come in many different shapes and sizes. But they share two main priorities. Operating snowmobile trails and providing snowmobilers with …

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Snowmobile Pavement Riding Tips & Techniques

Nobody has yet invented a device for how to snowmobile pavement perfectly on a snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation, as any snowmobiler trying to steer a sled at a gas station well knows… Whatever you do, don’t turn your skis sharply and go forward on asphalt expecting your sled to turn. It won’t and all you’ll accomplish is …

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Abitibi-Témiscamingue Embraces Winter

I always look forward to snowmobiling there again. Why? Because Abitibi-Témiscamingue embraces winter. And each time I return, another awesome riding adventure reconfirms why this snowy western region made my top 5 list of favourite Quebec destinations…   Abitibi-Témiscamingue benefits from the significant advantage of favourable geographic positioning. Its northerly location virtually guarantees early snow. And a long …

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