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New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions

My New Years Snowmobiling Resolutions…   Related: What Snowmobilers Say On Snowmobile Tours   It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to make New Year’s snowmobiling resolutions to break. I’ve made and broken my share over the years. I figure many resolutions fail mainly because they’re typically about trying to force myself to do things I really don’t want …

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Snowmobiling With Kids On The Trail

Do’s & Don’t’s For Fun Snowmobiling With Kids…   Related: Snowmobiling Double   Do you want your kids to love snowmobiling as much as you do? Get them started early and make sure they have fun every time. But snowmobiling with kids on board isn’t the same as riding double with an adult… Comfort & Safety While Snowmobiling With Kids …

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Choose Best Trail Riding Snowmobile Windshield

What’s The Right Snowmobile Windshield For You?   Related: Choosing The Right Snowmobile   Riding with the right snowmobile windshield can make or break your snowmobile tour. But choosing one isn’t as simple as you might think. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a snowmobile windshield for trail riding… Snowmobile Windshield Testing The very name defines its purpose. …

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Barry’s Bay Ontario Snowmobiling

Discover Barry’s Bay Ontario Snowmobiling…   Related: Prepping For Long Weekend Rides    In recent winters, the Snow Country Snowmobile Association has more than lived up to its name in Ontario snowmobiling. If Southern Ontario has one reliable destination for good snow conditions and trails all winter, this is it. It’s part of the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Region. No wonder snowmobilers have …

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Tips For Snowmobiling Double With A Passenger

Get Prepped for Snowmobiling Double On Trail… Related: Snowmobiling With Kids   Whether you call it snowmobiling double, riding with a passenger or 2-up sledding, you’re referring to carrying two people on one snow machine. I’m talking about passengers 12 years or older here, because snowmobiling double with younger kids is different – and more important – from any other …

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Algoma North Shore Loop Snowmobile Tour

2 – 5 Touring Days on Algoma North Shore Loop…   Related: More Ontario Tours   Been there, done that in Ontario’s north? For many of us, that means our habit is to trailer a beeline straight up the Highway 11 corridor to destinations much farther north. But maybe it’s time to consider something that’s closer for Ontario snowmobile tours …

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Choosing The Best Snowmobile Helmet

The Best Snowmobile Helmet Can Make Your Day…   Related: Visor Anti-Fogging Tips   Why is choosing the best snowmobile helmet important? Your snowmobile helmet is the only item of gear that’s a legal requirement to wear while riding in most jurisdictions. Your lid helps protect your head in crashes. It deflects blows from trailside branches. It keeps your head …

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Top 10 Snowmobile Fuelling Tips

Things You Need to Know About Gassing up…   Related: Get Best Fuel Economy   Why do you need to know my top 10 snowmobile fuelling tips? Because the great equalizer among snowmobiles is that they all need gas to run. Some of today’s more advanced engines like the Rotax™ 900 ACE deliver exceptional fuel economy. Trail riding these best …

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Mont Laurier Quebec Snowmobile Tour Planner

Explore Mont Laurier Quebec in Laurentian Mountains…     Related: More Quebec Tours   You gotta love snowmobiling three different day loops from the same hotel. I described this in the Ride Snapshot above about Mont Laurier Quebec snowmobiling recently excerpted from a snowmobile magazine. That’s one reason snowmobilers looking for some of Quebec’s most reliable snow conditions return to Mont-Laurier frequently. So …

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Heated Snowmobile TekVest For Body Warmth

Get Protection & Warmth From Heated Snowmobile TekVest…   Related: Benefits of Body Armour   This is my heated snowmobile TekVest product review. I’ve been wearing TekVest for years on snowmobile tours. I wouldn’t ride without its comfort, security and protection as I said in a previous review and video. Frankly, I didn’t think there was much TekRider’s Steve Brand …

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Removable Snowmobile Hitch Adds Tow Capability

Removable Snowmobile Hitch Expands Sled Function…   Related: More Product Reviews   So what’s the scoop on Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch? You may think every important sled accessory has already been invented. Then along comes a new one – and I’m not surprised it’s from Tricked-Toys. These Canadian guys offer useful items on their website. Items like Snow Flap …

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Triton Low Rider TC118 Snowmobile Trailer

Better Tow, Fuel Savings From Triton Low Rider…   Related: Trailering Safety Tips   What’s a Triton Low Rider? Previously, I’ve talked about the features and benefits of my Triton TC118 Snowmobile trailer, one of several hybrid models from Triton. And just when I didn’t think it could get much better, it did! A couple of winters ago, I towed …

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