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Heated Snowmobile TekVest For Best Body Warmth

Get Protection & Warmth From Heated Snowmobile TekVest… This is my heated snowmobile TekVest product review. I’ve been wearing TekVest for years on snowmobile tours. I wouldn’t ride without its comfort, security and protection as I said in a previous review and video. Frankly, I didn’t think there was much TekRider’s Steve Brand could do to improve my TekVest. But …

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Removable Snowmobile Hitch Adds Tow Capability

Removable Snowmobile Hitch Expands Sled Function… So what’s the scoop on Quick Connect removable snowmobile hitch? You may think every important sled accessory has already been invented. Then along comes a new one – and I’m not surprised it’s from Tricked-Toys. These Canadian guys offer useful items on their website. Items like Snow Flap Savers, Rattle Stoppers, ice scratchers, gas …

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Buying The Right Snowmobile For You

How To Choose the Right Snowmobile For You… What’s the right snowmobile for you – that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? When we acquire a new automobile, most of our decisions are made before purchase – make, model, options, etc. Then we pretty much drive away from the dealership without much (if any) further thought about how it might perform or …

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Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts On Snowmobile Tours

OFSC Trails Lead to Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts… Why not tart up your Ontario snowmobile tour? There are many good reasons to go snowmobiling. One of them is discovering Ontario’s best butter tarts. This is a worthy, if never-ending mission. Many snowmobilers take it as seriously as what brand of sled they ride and where to find great snow conditions. …

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Buy Used Snowmobiles Shopping Tips

Valuable Tips To Buy Used Snowmobiles… I don’t pretend to be a snow machine mechanic. But here are a few tips for how to buy used snowmobiles for sale for your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation that I’ve picked up along the way. Plus a good buy used snowmobiles video by my friend David Clarke… Visible Damage Check front and rear suspension, …

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Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours

Planning Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours… What are Ontario’s self guided snow tours? Ontario has over 30,000 kilometres (16,000 miles) of snowmobile trails across a province that’s bigger than Texas. But what rider can really fathom this huge number of OFSC Ontario snowmobile trails that appears as the world’s largest system on the Provincial Snowmobile Trail Guide? I mean, if you want …

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Ski-Doo LED Headlight Best Product Review

Ski Doo LED Headlight Illuminates Night… A Ski-Doo LED Headlight will impress anyone riding after dark on their snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation. It installs quickly and easily below your sled’s regular headlight (Ski-Doo snowmobiles only). It integrates so neatly that it’s hardly noticeable – until you turn it on. Then – presto – it’s like someone turned on the floodlights! …

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Snowmobile Emergency Gear For Every Ride

Always Be Prepared. If Something Goes Wrong, You’re On Your Own… Trail riding can quickly carry you far away from the nearest assistance, so each rider and group of riding buddies should carry snowmobile emergency gear, especially on your snowmobile tours or snowmobile vacations. Some of it is personal gear that each rider can carry, while other gear can be distributed among …

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Grey Bruce Loops Ontario Snowmobile Tour

Grey Bruce Loops Deliver Top Midwestern Ontario Snowmobiling… There are many reasons you should snowmobile Grey Bruce loops for your next Ontario snowmobile tour vacation. The Grey Bruce area is favourably sandwiched between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. For snowmobilers, these lake effect snowmakers generate some of southern Ontario’s best snow conditions. They push white streamers to bury the land even when other …

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Snowmobiling Photo Shoot Best Tips & Advice

Discover How To Shoot Snowmobiling Photos…  For me, shooting snowmobiling photos is more difficult than writing for a snowmobile magazine. This is largely because there are no rewrites on snowmobile trails. Despite going digital camera, I am still mystified. I’m plagued by bright light, sun direction, shadow, snow reflection, cloud cover and fast moving sleds. So I’m challenged staging snowmobiling …

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Snowmobiling Separation Anxiety Disorder

What is Snowmobiling Separation Anxiety Disorder? Anyone conducting a health study into the psyche of snowmobilers like my friends in the accompanying photos would quickly discover a unique and chronic condition that results from snowmobile riding. It deserves some highfalutin, medicinal type name. Maybe it would be “No Snow Phobia” or “Between Season Stress Syndrome” or how about “Snowmobiling Separation …

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BRP XPS Synthetic Snowmobile Oil for Rotax Engines

Engines Need Good Oil For Peak Performance & Long Life… Here’s my BRP XPS synthetic snowmobile Oil review…I should have twigged that oil had changed when my first Ski-Doo E-TEC® engine didn’t seem to use any. Little did I know how dramatic a story was behind that oil change – and it’s continued with the new Rotax™ super high tech 850 E-TEC …

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