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Snowmobiling Separation Anxiety Disorder

What is Snowmobiling Separation Anxiety Disorder? Anyone conducting a health study into the psyche of snowmobilers like my friends in the accompanying photos would quickly discover a unique and chronic condition that results from snowmobile riding. It deserves some highfalutin, medicinal type name. Maybe it would be “No Snow Phobia” or “Between Season Stress Syndrome” or how about “Snowmobiling Separation …

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Snowmobile Northeastern Ontario Loops Planner

How To Snowmobile Northeastern Ontario Loops For Best Rides…   Want to snowmobile Northeastern Ontario loops for your next snowmobile vacation? If you want more info about Ontario snowmobile tours in this region, check out another one of my Snowmobile Northeastern Ontario articles. In recent winters, Ontario has been all a-buzz with snow tours being promoted by the Ontario Federation of …

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Snowmobile RAP Tour Ontario Round Algonquin Park

Ontario’s Oldest Snow Tour Is Alive & Kicking… Snowmobile RAP Tour anyone? Algonquin Park has a worldwide reputation and mystique beyond Ontario snowmobiling. It’s an alluring magnet that continues to attract outdoors adventurers, including snowmobilers who make a pilgrimage called the RAP (‘Round Algonquin Park) Tour on Ontario snowmobile trails. This is the grand daddy of Ontario snowmobile tours: the first “signature” loop, …

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Summer Sledding Is Next Best Thing For Snowmobilers

Discover Summer Sledding By Touring On Sea Doo Watercraft… When I squeeze the throttle to go summer sledding, my Sea-Doo GTX S 155 watercraft powers up like a thoroughbred bursting from the starting gate. I cut my trail across a table top-smooth surface and accelerate to cruising speed; the exhilaration grows with the thrill of the ride. I lean into the next …

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2017 Winter Failed To Deliver For Many Snowmobilers

Many Snowmobilers Made Best of 2017 Winter By Trailering… That’s a wrap for the so-called 2017 winter. Time to summerize and put away the Ski Doo snow machines, get out the Sea Doo watercraft to go PWC touring and spend my summer dreaming about a better snowmobiling season next year. 2017 Winter Opinions Vary No doubt, opinions about the 2017 winter …

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Ski Doo LinQ System Luggage Best Product Review

How Ski Doo LinQ Delivers Most Secure Storage On The Snow…  There’s nothing like the Ski Doo LinQ System for carrying your necessities and extra gear on your snowmobile tour or snowmobile vacation. And LinQ has been such a success that we’re bound to see this cargo system expand across the entire BRP line up of recreational vehicles sooner than later. First …

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Ski Doo Accessories Customize Your Ride

Personalize Your Snow Machine With Exclusive Ski Doo Accessories… Ski Doo accessories are as innovative as their snowmobiles. I’m particularly impressed with what’s next for 2018. Creative ideas that integrate seamlessly with their snow machines are one good reason why BRP has achieved a commanding share of the snowmobile market. So here’s some food for thought as you start thinking about …

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Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours

How To Plan One of Ontario’s Self Guided Snow Tours… What are Ontario’s self guided snow tours? Ontario has over 30,000 kilometres (16,000 miles) of snowmobile trails across a province that’s bigger than Texas. But what rider can really fathom this huge number of OFSC trails that appears as the world’s largest system on the Provincial Snowmobile Trail Guide? I mean, if …

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Rotax 900 ACE Snowmobile Engine Product Review

Discover Why 900 ACE Is Best Engine For Touring…  Did I test the Rotax 900 ACE on tour last winter on my snowmobile tours and snowmobile vacations? You bet, and here’s my real world review as it appeared in Snow Goer Canada Magazine… My riding buddies gave the Rotax 900 ACE a big “thumbs up”. These are experienced snowmobilers, most avid 2-strokers. As part of our …

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Woodys Studs Best For Snowmobile Trail Riding Product Review

Discover Why Woodys Studs Are Best Bet for Trail Riding… Woodys studs won’t be your choice if you ride in deep snow all the time. Mountain sledders, off-trail riders and water crossers don’t need any studs. But anyone that runs regularly on groomed trail or hard packed snow, in areas subject to frequent temperature fluctuations, or that does much ice running …

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Snowmobile Summerizing Tips For Worry-Free Riding

Proper Snowmobile Summerizing = Good Preventative Maintenance… I’ve had some inquiries about snowmobile summerizing. I’m not the least bit mechanically inclined (which is why I don’t have any working on my sled photos!) And besides, I live in the city without a garage or workshop. So my total summerizing effort involves trailering my snow machines to my Ski-Doo dealer, Gateway Powersport & …

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Gaspésie Quebec March Snowmobile Tour

How to Find Best Spring Snow Conditions in Gaspésie Quebec… I recently experienced a Gaspésie Quebec March snowmobile tour on a six-day, 1,800 kilometre (1,119 mile) Quebec snow machine adventure. Snow conditions & trails were good in this most mountainous of Québec’s many regions – and normally are into early April. So if you’re looking for a last snowmobile trail ride of the …

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