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Elka High-Performance Stage 4 Front Shocks

Optimize Ride Control & Comfort With Elka High-Performance Stage 4 Front Shocks… Related: Suspension Guru   Sick of humped out corners bouncing you around? Fed up by trail moguls battering your bones? Tired of sore muscles from battling your sled all day? Maybe you need to take a serious look at your suspension. That’s how I achieved a smoother ride, …

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Popular Ontario Snowmobile Clubhouses

Meet, Eat or Stage from Ontario Snowmobile Clubhouses… Related: Riding With Kids   Have you visited any of these Ontario snowmobile clubhouses? Since the first volunteers dragged an old bedspring over the snow to make it smoother to ride on, snowmobile clubs have been the backbone of organized snowmobiling in Ontario. Clubs come in many different shapes and sizes. But …

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Abitibi-Témiscamingue Embraces Winter

Abitibi-Témiscamingue for Snowmobiling At Its Purest…   Related: Abitibi-Témiscamingue Saddlebag Ride   I always look forward to snowmobiling there again. Why? Because Abitibi-Témiscamingue embraces winter. And each time I return, another awesome riding adventure reconfirms why this snowy western region made my top 5 list of favourite Quebec destinations… Location, Location, Location Abitibi-Témiscamingue benefits from the significant advantage of favourable …

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Meeting Snowmobile Trail Groomers

What To Expect Meeting Snowmobile Trail Groomers…   Related: Groomer Ride Along   Meeting snowmobile trail groomers unexpectedly can be scary. You’re cruising along. Then suddenly there’s this behemoth blocking your way. It’s heart-in-throat and grab-brakes time. Especially if it happens on a corner or hillcrest. Here’s what you need to know to help avoid surprising encounters… Groomer Scheduling You can …

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Sundridge Ontario Snowmobile Ride Planner

Great Trails On Sundridge Ontario Snowmobile Tour…   Related: Prepping For Long Weekend Rides   My Sundridge Ontario snowmobile ride started by correcting an oversight. Many’s the time I’ve trailered to points farther north in search of good snow and great trails. On route, I’ve often wondered about what sledding I might be missing. There’s lots of snowy country along …

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Chaudière Appalaches Quebec Snowmobile Tour

Day Tripping in Chaudière Appalaches Quebec…   Related: Chaudière-Appalaches Saddlebag Tour   It’s interesting. Most snowmobilers in search of a good touring destination picture snowy trails in their mind’s eye. This image is typically associated with points farther north than their home base. For the region known as Chaudière Appalaches Quebec this dictum certainly holds true for snowmobilers travelling there …

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Ontario Snowmobile Restaurants On The Trail

Ride To Best Ontario Snowmobile Restaurants…   Related: Ontario Snowmobiling Accommodations   Where are the best Ontario snowmobile restaurants on Ontario snowmobile trails? It’s indisputable that snowmobilers love to eat, especially on their Ontario snowmobile tours and when Ontario snow conditions are good. In fact, cravings for sustenance motivate many an Ontario ride being planned around a favourite lunch stop, what …

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Quebec Snowmobile Tour Destination Favourites

Choose Your Quebec Snowmobile Tour Destination Favourites…   Related: Quebec Snowmobiling Accommodations   It’s a real challenge to choose the best Quebec snowmobile tour destination favourites. After all, I’ve enjoyed most every ride in La Belle Province. But many snowmobilers thinking of visiting Quebec for the first time ask me for a recommendation. So here goes… These are five of …

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Thinking Like Pros Trail Riding Tips

Snowmobilers Benefit From Thinking Like Pros…   Related: Backcountry Riding Tips   Thinking like pros can save lives. It can prevent serious injury and permanent disability. Thinking like pros involves using advanced trail-riding techniques to avoid those “oh-shit!” moments we’ve all encountered. For the purposes of this post, I’m assuming you’ve already got the riding basics covered. So I’m going …

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Ontario Snowmobile Tour Destinations Top 5

Riders’ Rank Best Ontario Snowmobile Tour Destinations…   Related: Ontario Snowmobiling Accommodations   So what are the most popular Ontario snowmobile tour destinations? From years of snowmobiling, I’ve found my own favourites. But I also wanted to touch base with other snowmobilers for their opinions. So I recently posed the question on my Facebook page as part of my weekly …

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